Big Fish, The-  Sometimes 'big codfish'. The leader in the forecastle.

Boatswain-Pronounced Bosun - An unlicensed officer in charge of the crew, a straw boss. He is a member of the First Mate's watch and usually takes charge of deck work while that officer is on watch

Boatswain's Mate - The alternative of the above, a member of the Captain's or second mate's watch.

Bungs-  Nickname, The ship's cooper.

Chips - Nickname for the ship's carpenter

Cooper- A barrel & keg maker.

Coxswain- Pronounced Cox'n, the helmsman of a boat having charge (command) of the boat and crew.

Crumb Bosun - Any boy or poor seaman who was detailed to help the cook or the steward.

Idler-Any crew member (on a Ship-'o-War) who is on constant Daytime duty, thus not required to stand a night watch. Sail maker, Carpenter, Cooks, Bosun.

Landsman- A sailor with no experience or training.

Loblolly Boy- Surgeon's assistant, litter bearer. Usually a position filled by ship's boys during combat.

Lubber- An unskilled or clumsy person.

Master- Title given to particular positions on a vessel. Appointed by 'The Admiralty' and equal to Lieutenant in rank but subordinate to a Commissioned Lieutenant. Once appointed to a ship, Masters stayed with that ship until de-commissioned or destroyed. Carpenters, Pursers, Gunners, and Sailing-Masters are particular to the title.

Master's-Mate- Assistants to a particular Master.

Midshipman- Originally a senior petty offer. In 1677, became a training position for future officers. Officer candidates had to serve a minimum of one year as a midshipman.

Purser- One of the Master ratings of a ship. In charge of purchase and distribution of food, clothing and general supplies.

Quartermaster- Similar to a Bosun's mate on Royal Navy vessels. On a Pirate ship, Quartermaster is second in command and acts as the liaison between the Captain and crew.