Home Port

The Pirates of Rogues Cove is a non-profit educational renaissance re-enactment guild devoted to youth and adult education about pirates and sailors during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650 -1725) in a historical learning environment. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Nevada (USA). All of our members are volunteers; none of us are paid.


Setting Sail

Setting Sail is available now from The Pirates Of Rogues Cove at any event we are attending, or you can order it  by clicking  above.

Between twelve and fifteen weekends out of the year, we set up a pirate encampment at various Renaissance and Pirate Festivals across the south west United States. At these events we attempt to both educate and entertain the festival attendees. For the majority of the events that we do, we receive little or no compensation. Money collected from member dues, CD and swag Sales, and donations are used to cover the guild’s expenses.

Rogues Cove is the homeport of Neptune's Fortune a Scottish Privateer vessel commanded by Captain Nathaniel A. Davidson . As the Captain will tell you, "The rogues are Specializin' in improv comedy, wenchin', drinkin' & plunderin'."