1. Powder charges should not exceed 2 oz. of Fg or 3 oz. FFA or Cannon Grade Goex powder per inch of bore diameter. No excessive charges. Use black powder only.
  2. Prepare powder charges in advance using heavy duty aluminum foil. Baggies may be used inside the foil, taking care not to allow excess air in the baggies and removing excess plastic where unnecessary.
  3. All crew members should wear ear protection devices. No person under the age of 16 is to handle powder. It is strongly recommended that all persons, especially children under the age of 11, wear protective gloves while handling lead.
  4. No one should cross in front of the muzzle at any time during the cleaning, loading or firing procedure.
  5. The interior of the ammunition chest shall be lined with a non- sparking material and the box itself shall be stoutly constructed of wood or metal. A copy of these safety rules should be posted inside the ammunition chest.
  6. Firing shall be at approved targets only.
  7. No drinking of alcoholic beverages at any time on the line. Any consumption of alcoholic beverages will disqualify a member from shooting for the duration of the day. No smoking at any time within the safety zone.
  8. Projectiles shall be constructed so that they easily pass through a sizing guage with finger or thumb pressure only. (The sizing guage to be a length at least 1.5 times the length of the projectile and in inner diameter no greater than bore size when the barrel was new.)
  9. No wadding shall be used at any time. This includes firing blanks.
  10. All new guns shall be inspected and approved by the Association. Inspect your gun tube regularly for signs of stress. Existing guns shall be inspected periodically.