Cutthroats Of Corona Pyrate Festival Link Verified: 2009-04-30
The Fair will cover the time period from 1660 to 1720. This includes Buccaneers and the Golden Age of Pirates. There will be hundreds of costumed Pirates who have docked at “Port Corona” for a weekend of revelry. There will be three stages of Pirate entertainment, cannon demonstrations, pirate grub and grog, treasure hunts, mock wife auctions, and plenty of pirate booty to purchase.

Gold Coast Pirate Faire Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Ye be looking fer a good time? Well, ye bome to the right place. Me and some o' me pirate cronies be plannin' the biggest get together 'o pirates ye ever seem, this September at our Pirate Village. Meet wit de likes of Capt'n Scum, Blackbeard, Capt'n Morgan, Capt'n Kidd, and their motley crews. Prates, Privateers, Buccaneers, theives and others 'o that perswaysion will be there to entertain and educate visitors about the glories 'o the age 'o piracy.

Pacific Coast Pirate Faire Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Live Music, Continuous Entertainment, Educational Programs and Battles. Visitors can expect an exciting day of fun and merriment as they intermingle with the likes of Pirate Captians and there motley crews, comming ashore after a year of plunder on the high seas.

Escondido Renaissance Faire Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Welcome to the Escondido Renaissance Faire. Enter to visit with the inhabitants of the "Village of Falconbridge" and view scenes of one of San Diego's most beautiful Parks. The age of chivalry will be recreated among the wonders of nature in this idyllic setting. Travel back to a distant place in time to share memories and the glories of the reign of Her Majesty, Elizabeth I. Visitors will dine on a variety of foods and partake of tasty ales and fine wines as they spend a leisurely day amongst the oak shrouded Felicita Park. A stroll through the merchants area will find shoppers exploring the vast array of treasures and rare finds available to them at reasonable prices.

Palm Springs Old World Renaissance Festival Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Step into a 1450-1600 European Village where villagers celebrate the arrival of Spring, The merchants setup their shops to sell their wares, the entertainers gather to perform for noble and peasant alike. Four performance areas. A full day’s entertainment including: Magic Shows, Juggling, Storytelling, Stage Plays, Interactive Theater, and music. Hundreds of costumed street performers and open interactive encampments.

Koroneburg Old World Festival Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Meet hundreds of family members living, working & playing in Southern California’s only permanent Renaissance Village! Visitors to this 1450-1600 Visitors to this 1450-1600 European Village are entertained, discover fine arts and crafts, and enjoy delectable food and beverages. The setting is the fictitious estate of the Baron Heinrich Von Lauffer, located along the Rhine river (aka Santa Ana River) between Mainz and Strasbourg. Each year the Baron invites the finest minds and most talented actors to celebrate the coming of spring at his Barony of Koroneburg. The festival celebrates the inventions and changes of the renaissance period.

Archers of Ravenwood Link Verified: 2009-01-23
The Archers of Ravenwood are an English free company comprised of mercenaries from all over Europe based in the year 1450. Henry the VI is on the throne and we are at the end of the hundred years war. We live the history that the people of this type of community live. Ravenwood produces public demonstrations of the crafts that this community would have known.

HMS Stranglehold Link Verified: 2009-01-24
The HMS Stranglehold is a reenactment group dedicated to the representation of pirate life at Renaissance Fairs and themed events in Southern California. While we cannot promise you the thrill of a sea voyage, we can promise you a fun experience as a member of the Stranglehold's Crew, or ample entertainment when we appear at your themed event.

Port Royal Privateers Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Port Royal Privateers is a club whose members share a passion for the history, adventure and romance of piracy in the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries. Founded in 1993, PRP is based in Southern California. Members have varied interests including: acting and improvisation, costuming, blackpowder weapons, period games, nautical arts, sailing, singing, swordplay, and writing. PRP is well known for interacting with the public, encouraging visitors to join in a song or game, handing out souvenir "pirate treasure" to children, or just engaging folk in conversation; our primary objective is to create fun for ourselves and our audience.

Designs By Kate Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Designs by Kate is your source for the Renaissance clothing and accessories (commonly known as garb) you will need to enhance your experience. We can supply you with cloaks, capes, doublets, jerkins, shirts, tunics, breeches, leines, cowls, flat hats, tams, coifs, monk's ensembles, robes, snoods, buttons & clasps, ostrich feathers and feather cockades, as well as books about Renaissance clothing and general knowledge of the Renaissance period and some wonderful music on CD!

Faire Ladies and Faire Lords Link Verified: 2009-01-24
Faire Ladies, Faire Lords is proud to offer beautifully authentic middle class Renaissance and Elizabethan historical clothing and costumes for English, European, Irish and Celtic personas. The romance of the Renaissance era is here for ladies AND lords!

Don Strinz Tipi Link Verified: 2009-01-24
Though the name says Tipi, they carry a full line of period tents from 1 person wedge tents to large marques. They also have one of the best warrantees in the business. From there website: "All products are guaranteed period-authentic, if that's what you're looking for. "

Panther Primitives Link Verified: 2009-01-24
We bring the past to life by supplying reproduction tents & supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage

Nativearth Link Verified: 2009-01-24
We are craftsmen, makers of natural and functional adornments. In the hand and the eye and by the will of nature There is a gift of excellence that is our artistic expression. Each creation we make is unique, well-imagined and wholly represents The quest for perfection that flows from the depths of one's spirit. Our family enjoys new creations, working as old-world craftsmen And satisfying the needs of so many customers who become our friends.

Turtle Island Moccasins Link Verified: 2009-01-24
Richard (aka Atrayew) and Bhavni Polvino of Turtle Island Moccasins (aka Earth Island Footwear) welcome you to our family of over 1,900 satisfied custom shoe wearers. Richard is a second generation of custom shoe, boot and moccasin makers and Bhavani is a 2nd generation beader, bag and purse maker. Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Welcome to Our primary mission is to supply Traditional Long bows and archery equipment for Re-enactors and Traditional Archery enthusiasts. We also sell other items for re-enactors including clothing, Pouches, mugs, etc. Being 'Faire Folk' ourselves, we know you want to get good quality gear for reasonable prices.

Marooned Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Marooned started in 1995 at the Las Vegas "Age of Chivalry Faire". Founded by faire veteran Bob Brinkman and Keenan Mills, by the second day of performance Marooned had grown to an a capella quartet combining over 20 years of faire experience and a variety of musical styles.

Pandora Celtica Link Verified: 2009-01-24
"If it Sank, we'll sing about it!" -- Pandora Celtica are a five piece vocal quintet offering soulful Celtic harmonies in rich layering. These talented singers pride themsleves on their songs of ship wrecks and troubled times found in the mists of Celtic history. With a Reaniassance feel, the singers will have you swigging your pints and thinking back into the stormy past of Celtic prehistory! Call us and we can help to make your event a success with Pandora Celtica!

The Bilge Pumps Link Verified: 2009-01-23
The Bilge Pumps are a pirate music group based in the Dallas/Ft, Worth area who specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy. Now that you're here, come aft and take hold of the wheel. Ye've made it this far, the steering is up to you. We're going to take a nap below decks.

Tom Lewis Link Verified: 2009-01-24
That's the (sub)mariner himself, ukulele in hand. If you like songs and stories of the sea, new and old, you'll certainly enjoy Tom's singing, his stories and his recordings. His songs cover a wide range of nautical topics, from life on board H.M. ships, through the loneliness and lure of the sea, to the very funny tale (tail?) of a randy canine ship's mascot

Gold Coast Festivals Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Welcome to the world of history themed festivals. Our purpose is to bring history to life, to entertain as well as educate. Gold Coast makes every effort to assure a memorable experience as well as an exceptional entertainment value for all our visitors. Our events cover time periods from Medieval to present and include Renaissance Faire, Pirate Festival and Civil War Reenactments. We hope you will join us at one or all of our events!

The Crossroads Group Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Crossroads offers complete event services for your event, at our Park or your site. Crossroads is producer of the Koroneburg Old World Renaissance Festival; Cutthroats of Corona Pirate Festival; Palm Springs Renaissance Festival; and many other special events.

Welcome to the Renaissance Faire Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Step back 400 years to a time of Romance. Shakespeare is in the prime of his career. Sir Francis Drake has circumnavigated the Globe. The New World exists as a boundless frontier. The Dark Ages are done. Fiat Lux.

Estrella War Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Estrella War is a week-long, annual event hosted and run by the Kingdom of Atenveldt. SCA participants devote their free time to tournaments, educational collegiums (classes), feasts, revels, the many forms of medieval warfare, and all sorts of arts and sciences dating from pre-1600s western Europe. Currently in its 25th year, the Estrella War brings together participants from SCA chapters around the world to conduct a medieval style two-sided war between SCA Kingdoms.

Great Western War Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Large SCA War, more text to follow