Archers of Ravenwood Link Verified: 2009-01-23
The Archers of Ravenwood are an English free company comprised of mercenaries from all over Europe based in the year 1450. Henry the VI is on the throne and we are at the end of the hundred years war. We live the history that the people of this type of community live. Ravenwood produces public demonstrations of the crafts that this community would have known.

HMS Stranglehold Link Verified: 2009-01-24
The HMS Stranglehold is a reenactment group dedicated to the representation of pirate life at Renaissance Fairs and themed events in Southern California. While we cannot promise you the thrill of a sea voyage, we can promise you a fun experience as a member of the Stranglehold's Crew, or ample entertainment when we appear at your themed event.

Port Royal Privateers Link Verified: 2009-01-23
Port Royal Privateers is a club whose members share a passion for the history, adventure and romance of piracy in the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries. Founded in 1993, PRP is based in Southern California. Members have varied interests including: acting and improvisation, costuming, blackpowder weapons, period games, nautical arts, sailing, singing, swordplay, and writing. PRP is well known for interacting with the public, encouraging visitors to join in a song or game, handing out souvenir "pirate treasure" to children, or just engaging folk in conversation; our primary objective is to create fun for ourselves and our audience.