Haul Boys, Haul

Now when I was a School boy, I lived at home at ease.
Now I am a sailing man I sail the wintery seas.
I thought I’d like sea faring life, Its alright ‘till I found,
Its a damn sight worse than slavery when we get off the ground.

And it was Haul boys, Haul. Haul boys, Haul.
Heave away the capstan lads and lets get up the trawl.
When the winds are blowing, the ships a gently rolling,
Miama, Miama, Won’t you be true to me?

Now every night in Winter, as regular as a clock,
Its on we all sail wester’ like wise your oil skin frock
An then up to the capstan lad and then we’ll heave away
Well that’s the cry in the middle of the night as well as in the day.


Now when the fish are up on deck a pile’n to our knees,
We’ll slip and slide and wonder why we ever went to sea.
But then ashore we sail the catch that’s easier to bear
For its beer all night in the ladies arms when we get paid our share.


With winter passing over, and springtime coming on,
We’ll go out in all weather, no time for beer and song
For the fish don’t wait for lovers, and you might quickly find.
So put on your oilskin jackets lads and leave the girls behind.


And when our trip is over, hard up the tiller goes
Its straight way in to Yarmoth with a big jib on her nose.
And when we reach the pier head the girls all loudly say
Her come our jolly trawling lads that have been so long away.

Miama, Miama, Won’t you be true to me?