Sailor's Prayer
Rod MacDonald

Though my sails be torn and ragged and my mast be turned about
Though the night wind chills me to my very soul
Though the salt spray sting my eyes and the stars no sight provide
Give me just another morning light to hold

I will not lie me down, this rain a-raging
I will not lie me down in such a storm
If this night be unblessed, I shall not take my rest
Until we reach another shore

If the only water left is but salt to quench my thirst
I will drink the rain that falls so steady down
If night’s blindness be my gift, if there be thieves upon my drift
I will praise the dark that shelters me from them


If my mates be drained and weary and it seems their hopes are lost
There’s no need for their bones on that blackened bottom
And if death wait just off the bow, we shall not answer to him now
We’ll stand on and face the morning light without him