I was born in the town of Gravesend in the county of Kent to a fisherman, John Wren and his wife, Agnes. My mother died during childbirth leaving my father to raise his only child on his own. While I was young he would dress me as a boy to be able to take me out on the fishing vessel while he would be out to sea.

When I was old enough he would leave me back home to watch the shop, so he wouldn’t have to pay the neighbor boy to do it anymore. The older I got the more time he would spend in London trading with the larger merchants allowing us a few more luxuries than we had in my younger years.

On my sixteenth birthday my father realized I was blossoming into a young woman and he could no longer hide me as a boy. That is when he said he was sending me to London to live with a wealthy merchant as his daughter’s companion, since his wife had recently died. The merchant treated me well almost as if I was his daughter as well. When he bought his daughter a new dress I was given her oldest one, which usually happened every few months. This helped me to feel as though I belonged to this world, although I knew this wouldn’t last. As the years went on I started to miss the sea and my father very much because he was not coming to London much for business anymore. Then the day came for the merchant’s daughter to marry, I requested that instead of becoming a servant in her new household that I be allowed to return to Gravesend and my father.

Upon my arrival home I found my father’s shop in disrepair. I walked upstairs into our apartment above the shop and found my father very ill. I managed to bring him back to good health and he asked if I would run his ship so we could get the shop back into a working order and as soon as he was strong enough he would take over the ships while she ran the shop.

So, I yet again donned my old disguise and began to put together a crew. Finally, we were out to sea and the fishing began. My crew was a hard working lot but one young man caught my eye, not only for his hard work but he stirred a feeling in me that I had never felt, even with the flirting I did in London. I began to befriend this young man and learned that his name was Michael Silvia and that this was the first time he had earned anything honestly. After one long fishing voyage I returned home to find that my father had passed away and that was when I decided it was time to let Michael in on my little secret.

So after we had arrived at port I asked him to stay after we had packed the ship up. I invited him into the Captain’s Cabin for a drink and then told him I was a woman and that if he accepted I would announce him as First Mate to the crew. Michael accepted and from that point on we became inseparable. He eventually began to share my company at night since we were unable to show our love during the day around the crew. Then on one voyage just as the sun was beginning to set we were attacked by a Scottish privateer vessel the Neptune’s Fortune. The majority of my crew was lost during the battle and once the smoked cleared it became evident that it was either join them or die. Michael and I joined the crew of Neptune’s Fortune, where we were finally able to be ourselves because we realized there were several women on board already. From then on we have sailed the ocean and explored new places.